Bob Downes obtained his Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Connecticut. In his junior year at UCONN Bob started working at the UCONN Medical School in the departments of Surgery and Immunology doing research on Inflammation. Bob has...


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Mission Statement: "To give the gift of mobility and strength for a healthier life!"

Advanced Integrated Kinesiology (AIK) is a system that restores, maintains and promotes optimum functioning of the Human Movement System. AIK addressess the Myofascial, Neural and Articular (Muscles, Fascia, Nerves, Joints) systems. AIK takes a holistic, integrated and comprehensive approach to understanding optimum Human Movement System function. AIK is a "nose to toes" system. AIK uses the Applied Functional Science, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the Active Release Technique, the CHEK HLC, the Janda Approach, the Joint Mobilization, and the Structural Soft Tissue Transformation models.

Because we are not perfectly symmetrical and because we are not in perfect alignment, GRAVITY overstresses and overloads our bodies. We are predisposed to be asymmetrical and to be out of alignment because of physiological (e.g., overactive and weak muscles) and sociological (e.g., sitting too much, sports, work ergonomics) factors.

The two models of muscle imbalance are the Biomechanical model (BM) and the Neurological model (NM). The BM states that the cause of muscle imbalance is repetitive motion and prolonged sustained postures. The NM states that the cause of muscle imbalance is that some muscles are prone to overactivation while some muscles are prone to underactivation (inhibition). This tendency is exacerbated by lack of movement, lack of functionally efficient movement and lack of variety of movement.